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2017PRO AVL ASIA, Find the Most Beautiful Curve in LIGHTLINK

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Singapore is one of the world’s financial, logistics and business centers. It is also a world famous tourist destination so that it has a strong radiation ability to the global consumer market, especially to the Southeast Asian. For this reason, the 2017 PRO AVL ASIA in Singapore will be the best platform to advertise the latest professional entertainment equipment and audio-visual equipment.

As a host city, Singapore has its own policy support to develop the technology, and a highly open social environment, which greatly promotes the international high-end technology exchanges and cooperation. A lot of latest scientific and technological achievements were shown here including some “black technology”from stage audio-visual field.

LIGHTLINK shows on this EXPO with one of her “black technology”—— LR P2.9 LED curved screen, which is shown in the picture of LIGHTLINK booth. The whole screen was built by 90 cabinets (500*500mm) with curved lock. And it was hanging installed on the booth. The adjustable range of the curved lock is from -10 degree to 10 degree which can even make it possible to install in some complex environments and express your creativity. The cabinet adopt seamless stitching technology which make it flat and display exquisite pictures. It can be installed and uninstalled quickly. What’s more, it also has other excellent performance like noiseless, low-power dissipation, ultra light and ultra thin which makes it to be an ideal choice for big events, night club, wedding ceremony and other high-end occasions. So far, the LR series product has sold to dozens of countries around the world and the total deal area is more than ten thousands of square meters. It also gained a lot of praise and admiration from the users. Let's experience the boundless charm of it through these pictures below.

The exhibition was fervent in undertaking. It is the first day but visitors to the LIGHTLINK booth come in an endless stream. Many purchaser get to check the detail information about product. We are also ready for your coming!

EXPO address: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore

EXPO time: 26-28 July, 2017

Booth NO: K07/K08


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