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Professional AV equipment on Getshow——Lightlink LED Rental Screen

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Getshow Guangzhou, which hold around Feb 27 to March 2,will be close today in Poly World Trade Center Expo. 

This year, the exhibition reach a new high. As we known that, the total area of this exhibition reach eighty-one thousand and three hundred square meters and attract more than 630 companies which famous all around the world. The whole exhibition divide into these following halls: three professional audio halls(include an international brand hall),three professional lighting halls, an common lighting hall and an outdoor road show square.

In this exhibition, LED screens must be the professional AV equipment expect lighting and audio. As the advanced company focus on LED rental screen, Lightlink bring some showing spotlights on Getshow exhibition, and mention of it, which ideas are occur to your brain? Let’s find out the answer.

Spotlights couldn’t missed

Showing Point of Guangzhou EastSun Lighting Booth 

Lightlink CFC series---P3.9 kinetic screen, through the combination of screens and machines make the cabinet goes up and down, present one picture with separate cabinets, showing the perfect application of Lightlink products with highly stability and advanced technology. 

Booth of Guangzhou Ruifeng Tech

showing point one

Lightlink Elipse series---P3.47 screens are mainly used in the door of LAX party, the whole screen is about 20 square meters, the perfect picture shows business application, mainly use to play the information and product advertisement. 

Showing point two
LR-pro series, indoor P3.47 product of Lightlink are placed in a small stage of LAX, aims at expressing that we can only use an hi-fi equipment to handle a whole show. And Lightlink rental LED screen combine with the lights and sounds on the spot, showing a good stage application.
Showing Point Three 

LR-Pro indoor P3.47 products are used in two sides of the bar table of LAX Ltd, the fine VJ materials give a fine definition of the usage in entertainment night club, burning the spot.  

The showing points mentioned above, give good expression that Lightlink pay highly attention to the design and quality of the products. Meanwhile, it also shows that Lightlink also combine the real application, take the advanced technology work together with LED rental screen. All in a word, Lightlink burns for AV professionals.   

More important is ,though GET SHOW 2017 is come to ending, but Lightlink style of AV professional still keep going. Let’s look forward to our next station! 


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