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#Lightlink became the unique official led display supplier of Jakarta Asian Games 2018

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Since the official signature with the organizing Committee of ASIAN GAMES,  #Lightlink always keep the hottest enthusiastic & attentions to offer its led display equipment for the whole games. So it is this time of Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 18, 2018.

    As the unique assigned led display supplier of the Jakarta Asian Games 2018, #lightlink will provide about 2000 sqm of rental LED display(LR-Plus and LM-Pro) for the whole venues which covered almost 49 major venues including track and field matches, martial arts, Boxing and basketball etc.  

    Lightlink LR-Pro series is a much mature product here upon thousands of successful cases and 6 years with great accumulation and experience only for professional rental LED display. Until now we have finished 200,000㎡+ LR-Pro led display manufacturing. While LR-Plus series gathered multiple functions and displaying all-in-one which can be showed both for indoor/ outdoor / floor. Besides, these 2 kind cabinets also can be spliced together to increase the infinite creatives for displaying design.

In order to ensure a successful event, lightlink not only set a high standard for products in this event, but also did many preparations including the led screen aging/packing/transportation and so on. Others, Lightlink will also dispatch our experienced engineers on site for the professional assistance and technical supports.

    And for the sports field, #lightlink never missed.

So as the led display supplier for kinds of sport games, #Lightlink always sticks the spirit of Asian Games which symbolized the enterprise culture of solidarity and harmony. At the meantime, all the staff in Lightlink also showed their hottest enthusiasm to welcome this event’s coming.

Until now, there are still 22 days for this day. And Lightlink has done the 100% preparation to face this new challenges on the international stage and will also bring the new refreshing vision to the world!

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