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LIGHTLINK Super Intelligent Rental LED Display Debuted on KOBA SHOW in Korea

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It is not the 1st time that Lightlink attends to KOBA SHOW, but it is the 1st time here for our newest intelligent rental led display(LR-SM series). Along with LR-SM P2.6, there is also another strong product showing you(LR-Plus P4.8). And after our attendees 3 days hard endeavor, our booth C713 was built shining and dazzling.

LR-SM series is a high-end indoor product in lightlink for extremely strict requirements from each components including its modularized design,newest safer fast lock, intelligent data correction,lightweight cabinet ,etc.Though this  intelligent module is not uncommon in the market, while less company can do it greatly, especially for professional rental displaying and higher security level.

Product details please click here.

And also don’t underestimate Lightlink LR-Plus P4.8.The difference of these 2 is not just the resolution,while its wider application range such as indoor /outdoor display and dancing floor to meet your multiple needs. Its super capability of load-carrying can allow a sedan car on it at least. Others, it also can be customized as curved screen.

Product details please click here.

Wanna to know more about these 2 products? Just move to our Booth No. C713 or go to our web http://www.juhua328628.cn/. The Exhibition will continue from 15th to 18th ,May,2018.


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